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All Team Managers must be registered with SportsTG & their account email address provided to

the club so Team Authorisation can be completed. Not Registered with SportsTG ??

Follow the information in the attached guides ! 



A team sheet must be completed for all teams in all age groups before the commencement of each 
match using the Footyweb system. ( See guides)
Under 8, Under 9, Under 10 and Under 11 Girls teams are required to print a
team sheet for both their team and the opposition. The Team Managers must update
the Team Sheet for their team in Footyweb following the match.
Under 11 Boys and Youth teams must print three (3) team sheets (one each for own team,

the opposition, umpire).  A team sheet signed by all the players playing in the match must be submitted

to the field umpire(s) before the commencement of a match Team sheets must have the following listed: 
   - Player Names
   - Player Numbers
   - Footyweb Number
   - Coach
   - Assistant Coach
   - Runner
   - Water Carriers 
   - Ground Marshall (name & signature)
   - First Aid Officer (name & signature)
Players arriving late will not be permitted to participate in the match until they have been checked by the field umpire and signed the teamsheet. This can only be done in the quarter or halftime breaks.
Any player arriving after the commencement of the third quarter cannot participate in the fixture match. 

Where a team sheet, submitted to the umpires, lists a player’s name with a signature beside the player’s name, the player will be recorded as having played the match. 
Falsifying team sheets will incur a fine at the discretion of the Competition Manager and may also result in player de-registration.


Match Day  - Manager Role 

  • Must remain within the designated coach’s box or outside of the playing arena unless they are required to manage a player who has been ordered off

  • Team Managers must wear an Orange ID Card

  • Team Managers must have their name entered in Footyweb

  • Team Managers must abide by the AFL Officials Code of Conduct

  • At the end of the game move to the center of the ground to obtain the ‘all clear’ (confirming whether there are any reports), and sign the back of both scorecards.

  • Where an ‘all clear’ has NOT been received move to the umpire’s room to obtain the report within 10 minutes of the completion of the match. Advise all relevant parties of a report including parent/guardian of involved player and club President.

  • Assist the Ground Marshall in controlling spectator behavior.


Match Day - Parent Roles 

Team Managers are encouraged to create a roster system with Team parents to complete the following Match Day roles; 


Junior & Youth 

  • Fruit/Oranges 

  • Water Bottles 

  • First Aid (CPR Accreditation Required) 

  • Ground Marshall 


Youth Only

  • Boundary Umpire 

  • Water Carriers - up to 4 

  • Goal Umpire 





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