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Volunteering at Greater Springfield Sports

Volunteers are the lifeblood of all grassroots sporting clubs. Simply put, without the commitment from our dedicated parents, grandparent, carers and others, the club would simply not function. Volunteering is great fun and provides an opportunity to meet people and develop new friendships. By getting involved you can help maintain your child’s fun and enjoyment of sport. Without your help, the Greater Springfield Sports would not be able to keep up the great environment your child enjoys.


Every role at Greater Springfield Sports is flexible, some requiring just one hour per week and others once every few weeks. Some roles can even be shared with other parents. Depending on the role you choose, it may require your time at training, games and meetings while others can be done by email or phone at your home or work in your lunch break.


There are countless people from the club and the league as well as great resources available to assist you. Everyone is welcome to help share the roles and create the best environment for players and children.


Team and club-based volunteer roles include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Ground Marshall

  • Boundary Umpire

  • First Aid Officer

  • Goal Umpire

  • Coaching staff (coach and assistance coach)

  • Canteen Helper

  • Time Keeper

  • Team manager

  • Runner

Some volunteer roles, in particular, team officials, require mandatory accreditation or qualifications; in these nstances, Greater Springfield Sports will meet the full costs associated with such accreditations.


ALL Volunteers Require a BLUE CARD 

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please have 2 forms of identification ready 

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